Notes & Domino applications - What is Domino?

We offer you Delta intranet ERP, an integrated application system, in Romanian an in English languages, that fulfill the function of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), developed and improved over a decade. Having a modular architecture and a single database, the system can be tailored to the needs of any user group. We can design and build sophisticated applications to meet your business needs.


  • Domino (HCL Domino, formerly IBM Notes, Lotus Notes Domino) server version 6.5 or higher
  • Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones


  • You can integrate into one system all the processes of a company
  • You can access it from any computer connected to the Internet with a web browser
  • The desktop and laptop interface version has a Home Page that serves as a portal, each module opens in a new window. The advantage is that this page reload automatically every five minutes, and displays unread messages, new agenda events, and alert type buttons. This version allows to work with multiple modules opened in different windows
  • The universal interface version (for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone) has a menu column in the left side of the screen in the Home Page and in the main pages of all the modules, which hides if the screen width is small, and can be opened using a button. The pages accessed via this menu are opened in the same window. The advantage is that you can work on your smartphone or tablet held vertically or horizontally
  • The process of reshaping, restructuring and persolanizare is fast, within a few weeks after customer requirements
  • Does not require much schooling to use, each screen has a button that opens a Help window with explanations that can be personalized on-line
  • Provides stability and safety
  • Access is based on username and password - it is possible to add a PIN which is automatically generated and sent by SMS or e-mail after each login

    Our method is to tail (adapt and customize) the modules to the company or organization activity, and not to compel the company or organization to adapt their activity to the facilities offered by applications.

    Methods of acquisition

  • Traditional licensed software - hardware infrastructure and Domino license will be provided by the beneficiary.
  • Open Value Subscription (OSV - renting or leasing software) on the hardware of the beneficiary - Domino license will be provided by the beneficiary and the application will be provided based on an annual payment. The OVS contracts will be signed for a period of 5-10 years. At the end, the customer has options to extend the contract, to acquire traditional licenses or dropping out entirely the software rent.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - the beneficiary will receive access to the application as a service, with monthly or annual payment on a dedicated server with Domino licenses located in an data center.

    If you are interested,
    contact us and send us your requirements and we can quickly build a demo that you can test a few days. If you have Domino (HCL Domino, formerly IBM Notes, Lotus Notes Domino) infrastructure, we offer development and customization services for new or existing applications.

    What is Domino?

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